Booking Procedure

Booking Procedure

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Booking Procedure

The following procedures are to be used in the event that you are unable to make a booking using the web system. We will not accept bookings for regular sightseeing when the web system is available and displays the particular service you require. Such requests will be returned to you for booking via the web.

Quotation Requests

Quotations may be requested for FIT tailor made tours. Please state clearly that the request is for a quotation only.

If the initial request is for a quotation only, a reservation request must be sent to us if a reservation is required on receipt of our offer.

Reservation Requests

Please state clearly that a reservation is required.

Please include the following details with any request for services:

  • booking reference number (if you have already have one for a related service or hotel booking).
  • Name of all passengers.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Full flight or train details if transfers required, including times and the city of arrival or departure.
  • Full details of services required.

Reservation Compulsory

  • A request for any service not available on-line must be sent as above.
  • Where reservation is compulsory, a written confirmation will be sent to you advising the prices and details.
  • You can only consider the tour confirmed once our confirmation is received by you.
  • We reserve the right to confirm prices, times or other details different to those shown in our tariff or other publicity materials.


Whenever possible you should use the voucher which can be produced from our web system. In the event that you cannot print them, Pls contact us on email:

A separate voucher must be issued for each confirmed service.

Each voucher must clearly state the following:

  • Name of clients.
  • Number of pax.
  • Date of service.
  • Description of service (or name of tour in the case of regular sightseeing).
  • Marmul Travel & Tours LLC booking reference number.